Birthday Party Rentals

Classroom Rental


Have a one of a kind Birthday at Creative Works Inc! 
There is a $50.00 rental space fee which allows your party to occupy our private classroom space for 2 hours.
The space can be decorated any way you'd like and food and drinks can be purchased through the Cottage Bakery or be brought in.
Enhance your party with a guided painting session. Each party guest will leave with their own 8x10 canvas painting they created. For children ages 4-15 the fee is $8 per participant and the painting subject is chosen before the party. All supplies are included.
 Older children/adults who wish to have a birthday or other type of celebration should book a private party through The Artists' Palette. 


Are you a budding or established Creative looking for space to complete projects, find inspiration or network with fellow artists? Our classroom is open to you!
(when not reserved for a private party). 

  •    Use of space only - $5 per hour

  •    Use of space PLUS access to our materials - $10 per hour

**NEW in 2019**

Need a space to share your craft, lead a demonstration or host a lecture?

The Creative Works Community Classroom is available is to artisans and professionals of all types for classes and events with an educational and creative component. 

For classes/events with

10 or fewer participants the rental fee is $25.00

11 or more participants the rental fee is $50.00

Events are limited to 2 hours and must be offered to the general public in order for these rates to apply. 

Examples include: candle making class, author discussion & book signing, marketing seminar, jewelry making class, music lessons, etc..